There are a few main components involved in the safety of laser tag equipment. Every System ships with a Spare Parts Kit. Advance as well as same day reservations are strongly recommended. Laser tag areas as small as 1000 square feet can be accommodated with the CyberBlast Phaser Only system, but returns will not be on par with a full-size attraction. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. The wall of players selfies and scores will appear on the game board outside the arena. The rapid fire bonus is extremely powerful, so be careful not to allow your opponents to earn it. Each player is limited to 10 lives. LVLT is the PREMIER facility for Laser Tag IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY!!! This also preserves the life of the battery by automatically disconnecting the battery when full. })(); LASERBLAST - The world's most durable laser tag equipment. Come and get involved with the great value Laser Tag session for just £12, every Sunday at our Birmingham (City), East Midlands and Letchworth venues. Make sure to tag players, targets, and bases or you might be the next one out. Touch elements are multi-purpose. Wireless Charging- Laserblast exclusive wireless power means your system can charge throughout the day, with no plug-in cords required. The middle phaser icon will be your weapon selector. Free Fire Laser Tag. Shoot to accept the challenge, then shoot to answer. If a guest purchased 3 games of laser tag, the attendant would record the transaction on your POS, and hand the guest 3 passes, each with a different color corresponding to a different time slot. Follow this article for space consideration and a helpful tip to fitting Laser Tag Inside your Bowling Center. event : evt, The cashier then tells the laser tag attendant how many players have signed up for the game. Each team is filled with guards and one VIP. listeners: [], Grand Prix New York Racing is a year-round destination for indoor go-kart racing excitement. We recommend 125-160 square feet per player. The typical process includes. Next Technology, exclusive manufacturer and supplier of all of Laser Tag systems in XRAID brand, guarantees constant support and assistance on all its products, directly or through its network of technicians and consultants, available by phone 24 hours on … There may be a new center closer to you that hasn’t made it onto the map yet, but the most recent available map is here. Shoot 3 times to fully disarm players. How do i consider space and site selection? Every minute 4 targets at random will be activated. What a great deal for school holidays, weekends or some great value fun with mates! Strict laser tag only attractions tend to be a little larger at 4,000 to 6,600 square feet with 30-45 vests. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. New & Classic games. FREE FOR ALL BASE RESPAWN Also known as Retro Laser Tag. Laser tag is now almost always part of a multi-attraction center with bowling, bumper cars, go-karts, mini-golf, food & beverage, game rooms, trampoline parks, skating rinks, or even cinemas. Set it and forget it or create your own game types. Our team repairs and returns items sent in for service in 1-5 business days from when we receive the item. New to Canada and exclusively at Action 500, this new generation of laser tag games and very popular in the United States. Every moment counts! ODDBALL. Additionally, the labor cost makes up a much higher portion of a VR attraction’s revenue; requiring 1-2 attendants, even during slower times. When the gate is green that means its safe to pass. Laser Game Evolution est un jeu de laser tag où les participants s’affrontent pour marquer un maximum de points dans nos labyrinthes multi-niveaux obscurs. FREE FOR ALL STEALTH ELIMINATION. The biggest factors that will decide where an attraction falls in this range include location, population, marketing efforts, and operating hours. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. Each player is limited to 10 lives. They can be used as a mine, recharge station or detectors. callback: cb SEARCH AND DESTROY Your mission is to find the red targets and tag them for 1000 points before your opponents find them. If possible, we would highly recommend a customized feasibility study and demographic analysis. Laserforce Generation 6 Supernova is the latest system making us Wellington's most immersive and exciting laser tag venue. Working with an experienced construction company ensures your arena will be safe, durable, and impressive to keep players coming back. Stay with your team and control the arena, or be the stoic action hero; which role will you play? Touch to be instantly invincible for a short amount of time! We still recommend having the arena themed or painted by a professional. Live one-touch leader board showcasing the top nine players. Work as a group or on your own. This is a simplified free for all format, with only the basic blaster on rapid fire (no shields, photons, or laser bursts). a walk-under area requires a ceiling height of 16′. Service needs vary dramatically from operator to operator. This is a fun active game type that discourages passive players from trying to hide. Cyberblast Phaser can help you add another revenue stream without removing any of your existing business. How do I fit laser tag in my bowling center? RAPID FORMAT FREE FOR ALL. If you’re tagged while carrying the flag it returns to its base. Blast your opponents as you make your way into the labyrinth, but stay alert for the traps that await. There may be a new center closer to you that hasn’t made it onto the map yet, but the most recent available map is, We work with several amazing theming companies, including, Target Experience Limoges France | New Opening, Our Equipment Set 2 World Records: Zap Zone FEC. Questions  can be chosen from one of our preset lists or have your customer import their own on the cyberweb platform. From the operator’s perspective, laser tag provides a much faster throughput, more longevity, and much lower labor costs. Laser tag Construction & Theming, Where do I begin? Our wireless charging technology earned the 2011 IAAPA Best New Product Award. Two lasers, one phaser. We take a number of steps to reduce these risks, including: Soft foam safety tips on the front of the phaser, LED lighting throughout all hard surfaces of our equipment, Low-profile plastics so that players are more likely to bump into clothing instead of polycarbonate, Safety rules signage & video at the entrance of the attraction and reminders in the vesting area. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. You’ll also get a special burst fire weapon. The first 50% is paid prior to delivery of the equipment, and the remaining balance can be split over 12 months interest-free. This would consist of a small 3-4′ high raised platform, typically towards the middle of the arena. Once the laser tag attendant has collected all of the tickets, they begin the briefing video and return the tickets to the front desk. It’s up to you. This is a Free For All Game. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Do you have a softplay, extra party room or a special event room? We are specialists in Laser tag - combining the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. Your LaserBlast system includes 6 sets of game passes in various colors, each color representing a different time slot. A traditional game with no vest lights. Take comfort knowing you are always one call away from immediate help. Is Vested or Vestless best for outdoor laser tag? The snipers game format is for experts only- your shot rate is reduced to 1 shot per second, so take careful aim. } Advanced Avionics, Inc. fully complies with all aspects of this regulation Class IIA (< 1 milli-watts). They have DMX Controllers built inside them. The last team to have a player standing wins the game. Defining laser tag for 25 years. The laser used in our laser tag product is a red or green low power laser diode, operated at < 1 milli-watts. Unfortunately there isn’t really a mid-level offering in-between the low-grade consumer laser tag that doesn’t keep score and can be purchased for around $50 per player, and higher end commercial equipment designed for Family Entertainment Centers, which can range from $700-$2000 per player. Fax: 718.797.0278 Laser Tag Virginia Beach. Admission – $23 per person per session. DOMINATION Everything in the arena in white is capturable. Choose from over 30 different game formats for special players nights. The total space available should be at least 7,000 square feet in total building size to allow for party rooms, bathrooms, lobby, front counter, game room, and possibly other attractions. 10 vests and 3 hours of activity $ 700 + tx 20 vests and 2 hours of activity $ 700 + tx 20 vests and 3 hours of activity $ 1000 + tx 30 vests and 1 hour of activity $ 700 + tx 30 vests and 2 hours of activity $ 1000 + tx 30 vests and 3 hours of activity $ 1,250 + tx Extra hour $ 200 + tx. Every 60 seconds, the oddball is dropped and another target is randomly chosen to hold the next oddball. A laser tag gaming experience at GPK LazerZone begins with an interactive mission briefing, and is followed by a 10-minute session of heart-stopping laser tag action. We recommend a minimum population of 100,000 within a 20 minute drive time as a general rule of thumb. Choose from over 30 different game types from your Standard Team Game all the way to Zombies! It will show your rank at all times in the center of the star. Shoot the opponent before they shut your down! Future proof your operation, spend less money on maintenance costs, and create a dedicated base of return laser tag players with our evolved system. You’ll be wielding a plastic laser gun and you’ll test your courage and strengthen your team spirit in a fun environment. ​The most important reasons that operators are choosing our CyberBlast systems are: Rugged Design- Rubber shock isolated phaser boards, shoulder-mounted speakers, and tough polycarbonate plastics help to make our systems the most durable available. Laser Tag combines cutting edge computer technology with an action-oriented game to create an exhilarating, heart-pounding adventure in which strategy and teamwork are joined to defeat your opponents while having fun! Get As Many Games As You Can In! Laser Tag Targets can also enable unique game formats such as Search and Destroy. Laser tag is fun for all ages and different from your home console gaming options, because you’re playing with, and zapping your friends, not just armor-laden video game characters. Zombies fire more slowly, but they also earn a bonus for each player infected. À propos de Laser Plus. Depending on the length of your standard game, the goal is to play 3 to 6 games per hour. 2. That’s right. While in game mode three large active icons will appear. FREE FOR ALL Its every player for themselves. ! George Carter III (born July 28, 1945) is an inventor who created Photon, the first commercialized version of laser tag, as well as other inventions such as the personal watercraft and certain versions of all-terrain vehicles. Some of our locations are still continuing to offer a great experience even after 20 years of use with the same system, and we have not ended the support of any LaserBlast system. The VIP only has 10 lives, and 100 shots of a slow-firing weapon. EXPERIENCE SKYTAG Trampoline, Laser Tag and Cyber Sport fun for everyone Over 10,000 square feet of trampolines including the interactive Wipe Out, the Interactive Obstacle course, Dodgeball, Basket-Ball, Open Court, Foam Pit, and soon to be installed 1on1 basket ball court -Over 8,000 multi-level Laser Tag arena, making it the biggest arena in the Montreal and surrounding area. Our laser also complies with the safety standards of the European Union, IEC 60825-1, class IIA. Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. Use your elusiveness to stay alive as long as possible. Between these two activities, 130 kids can be actively involved in our 27 000 square feet play space. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Inside the laser tag arena, our referees offer a constant presence as to managing the game. No annual/hourly fees- Software updates and support are included for the life of your system. Like any physically active game, there are some inherent injury risks in laser tag. When you’re playing a VR-based laser tag through enclosed glasses, you aren’t interacting with your friends and real people but digital representations. The finishing touch to your arena every customer will rave about. Copyright © 2020 Advanced Avionics, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. If possible, we would highly recommend a customized feasibility study and demographic analysis. Targets can be programmed to award bonus points or activate arena theming effects. For approved customers we offer in-house financing on 50% of the equipment price. Their center lights flash white instead of the normal team color. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. Protect your VIP. Regularly reviewing your arena for safety hazards, including open rail hooks, tight blind corners, and very dark corridors. Space & Site Selection is among the most critical variables in the success of your center, but also difficult to easily quantify and sum up. Most repairs are very simple, and can be handled using your spare parts kit if you’d like to avoid the time in transit of shipping to our repair center in Plymouth, Michigan. Cyberblast FEC comes with our standard LCD screen mounted on the back of the phaser. The color of the pass will correspond to an upcoming time slot. While you are the King of the Hill you get an enhanced shot rate. Other options include: Trivia Stations, AI Projector Targets, CyberWeb Powerup, Gates, and the Smart Mission Briefing Player. This includes hundreds of model photos, software, maintenance walk-throughs, and marketing templates. This 20 minute experience includes 12 minutes of game play, 4 minutes of briefing, and 4 minutes of vesting, team selection, and last minute questions. Unlimited Laser Tag. Hassle free no hidden fees. We offer a number of interactive devices with our laser tag equipment, as well as the option to integrate with other DMX devices, and play custom sound effects.Our interactive device options include: Targets, Elements, Bases, Gates, Trivia Stations, AI Projector Targets, Center Prop Smoke Effects, Enhanced Base Lighting, Environmental Announcement / Team Lead Lighting, Fire Effect Lights. ); This can be done with just the laser tag equipment and a speaker using existing barriers, such as a school gymnasium, park, or wooded backyard, or you can provide rental barriers with the equipment. The last survivor of each round earns 10,000 points. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. As soon as Dracula tags another player, they are converted to a vampire, also turning red. Any survivor who has been hit by a zombie will become infected. A 3000 square foot attraction like the one the above revenue numbers are based on will require an investment between $100,000 and $150,000. Stay human for as long as possible to earn the survival bonus. Click to open the map in a new window. It’s fun for the young as well as the young at heart!! Our multi-level arenas has dazzling lighting, swirling fog and energetic music to add to the excitement for up to 16 adult or 20 children in each game. What Laser Tag Game formats does your system play? With our CyberBlast phaser system you are receiving a high-end product with a laptop game controller, varying game modes, real-time score display, and the option to add bases, targets, and more. MISSION OBJECTIVE SURVIVOR. Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. You can earn anywhere from $250,000-$1,000,000 + per year with a laser tag. With their smartphone, home computer or in-store web terminal, they can change their powerup for the next game and track their progress. First is the discreet Low-Light Selfie Camera mounted inside the back of the phaser. For a 20 player, 3000 square foot laser tag attraction, about 160 square feet (8 sq ft per player) of the laser tag layout would be used for the briefing room, where the LaserBlast Briefing Video is shown 5 minutes prior to the previous game’s end. Instead of a colored game pass, this printed receipt is the guests′ ticket into the game. Ultrazone® Laser Tag is "The Ultimate Laser Adventure" - serious fun for all ages - we host the best kids birthday parties we are also open for casual play, groups, teens, adults, youth groups, church groups, company parties, fundraisers and more! The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. A traditional elimination game popular with no vest lights. Your LaserBlast representative can assist you with layout concerns such as which part of the building would be best for the laser tag attraction, how to avoid unnecessary demo work, and which other attractions would fit and make sense for your project. Lastly will be the Dual Capacitive touch laser. After a 3 minute safe period, one player is randomly chosen and eliminated from the losing team every minute. Gym flooring or carpet are good options. Grand Prix Kart racing event; Archery and Laser Clay Shooting OR 60 minutes play Laser Tag ; Meal in the Pitstop Restaurant; Minimum 14 persons; Invitations (Package with 30 minutes karting instead of grand prix, no minimum amount of people required is €65 pp) The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. TicketingThere are a few common options for distributing tickets for each game: Multi-colored game cards, printed receipts, or first come first serve. Laser tag typically requires a single attendant on slower days, and 2 during peak periods when you’re running at nearly full capacity. Imagine a giant eight foot by ten foot starship that comes strafing by. In addition to standard wood & barrel partitions, these arenas typically also include unique elements to match your theme, base structures, archways and more. Our entertainment options include indoor and outdoor go-karts, two 18-hole Castle and Western themed mini golf courses, NEW LED LASERTRON laser tag featuring a 7,500 sq. Each player begins the game as a blue survivor. You can earn anywhere from $250,000-$1,000,000 + per year with a laser tag. 2 RACE AND 1 LASER TAG – $49.99 (SAVE $10 OFF RETAIL!) } 5 activities from your choice of 4 awesome go-kart tracks at LazerPort and SpeedZone, laser tag, and indoor blacklight mini-golf. The lasers are on for 80 milli-seconds out of every 250 milli-seconds. The equipment can operate with as few as 2 at a time, but a more typical size is a 4-8 player system. Depending on the revision and condition of the gear, we can typically offer between $5,000 and $20,000. Plusieurs forfaits disponibles, réservez dès maintenant. Finally tag your own base to capture the flag. The United States FDA recognizes this laser safety standard as being sufficient to comply with CDRH 1040.10 and CDRH 1040.11. Tous peuvent venir jouer au laser tag. In order to even potentially cause harm, a person would have to purposely hold or tape their eyelid open, hold their head steady, and stare directly into the laser beam for an extended period of time. Did you know? Immersive Gameplay- All of the popular game formats, as well as a detailed game editor are included. This is a more difficult version of team game that rewards accuracy and careful play. Tag the player who holds the oddball to take it. Indulge yourself in the lights and laser of the arena for alternating 10 minute games! Most of our home-use customers also operate mobile rental laser tag as a side-business to help offset the up front investment. When laser tag accompanies other attractions it can range from 2,500 square feet to 4,000 square feet. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. —– In the Lasers Radial, Mirthe Akkermann NED took the lead 3 points ahead of Maud Jayet SUI. The first come first serve method is the simplest and makes it very easy for your guest to purchase a game, but doesn’t allow you to schedule walk-in players in advance. VR-based games have their own advantages, especially with a weekday group of 1 or 2 players who might not have the best time playing in a laser tag arena alone. Your adventure of fun and fantasy will consist of THREE laser tag games. We have worked with several theming companies over the years who can help with your project. Contact a Laserblast representative for contacts and more information on these companies. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. Laser tag arena birthday parties & events. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. See where and who tagged you right when it happens. Focus on your guest experience, not replacing broken connectors. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game.